Dental Implants is a surgical procedure of placing artificial tooth roots in your jawbone. The root supports the crown or denture. The replacement after implant can be either fixed or permanent and will match your natural teeth. So it will feel, look and act like your natural teeth and can last a lifetime with proper care. 

The treatment is the best way to take care of your missing or broken teeth. And the most ideal place for dental implants in Skegness is Park Dental.

A Perfect Fitting and Natural Replacement

Here at Park Dental, your dental implant procedure is treated with the utmost care, making sure you get the natural look of your smile back. First, the surgical fixture is carefully placed in your jawbone. We will give you a few months of rest to allow the bone to grow around and fuse with it. You can come and visit in between. This implant, usually made of titanium, will serve as a replacement for your missing tooth root. It will hold the replacement tooth or bridge.

 The complete design of replacement, especially the crown, is designed in a way so as to fit perfectly with your natural teeth. Because of implants, you will be able to eat normally and you can just brush and floss them like your natural teeth. 

So implants are better and in a way, an aesthetic choice to help you get back that perfect smile of yours. Our top dentists at Park Dental carry out the procedure along with helpful guidance and you will see an amazing outcome at the end.

Implants | Best Option for Effective Dental Care

Poor physical appearance is one of the biggest reasons patients go for dental implants. But remember that while implants do help with that, their major purpose is to improve your dental care. It might be a huge step for you. Our dentists at Park Dental will help you acknowledge its importance before proceeding.  

You may have felt the loss of chewing power and irritation that comes with missing teeth. But that is not the only problem going on. With time, the empty space of your missing teeth starts to deteriorate. This happens due to lack of stimulation, causing bone loss. Our comprehensive procedure will improve your dental care by replacing the root well as the teeth. It will accelerate bone growth and simulation. Your bone loss will lower and you can now finally enjoy normal chewing. 

The ability to chew is greatly affected and the missing area serves to attract bacteria. This can lead to gum infections. Your dental health is our priority and the full set of implants is the most practical implementation of it. 

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The Right Time to get Implants

You will need dental implants when you get missing or crooked teeth. Shifts in the bite can change the whole dynamic of your teeth and mouth. Replacing a missing tooth is hence important. Our consultants and dentists will guide you about the need for implants and when you should get them. The implants will support a healthy bite and preserve your jawbone. 

We often get self-conscious and restrain our smiles due to missing teeth. The implants, however, will look exactly like your natural teeth and will assist you in speech and comfort. Our purpose is to help you gain that self-confidence and self-esteem back so you can smile with no worry in the world. 

A Treatment under Cosmetic Dentistry Professionals

The various procedures of cosmetic dentistry are carried out very professionally and carefully by the dentists at Park Dental. They are all highly-experienced cosmetic dentists working to improve your dental care. Of course, you will be confused about the procedures. Our dentists will first speak to you regarding your oral issues and then propose the right choices.

The All on 4 Implants | A Complete Replacement

For people with failing teeth, we offer the revolutionary all on 4 implants procedure. You may have gone for the option of dentures but they are much uncomfortable and ill-fitted. They even accelerate bone loss. But the problems of a denture and the nightmare of failing teeth can now end. 

The treatment is designed to replace the whole upper or lower set of teeth with 4 implants. After the day of surgery, your whole set of missing teeth will be replaced. It is an ideal option for people of all ages. Our top professionals and experts will also work with doctors of Skegness. 

If you have made up your mind, then simply contact our specialists and get your appointment booked for Dental Implants in Skegness. Our consultants at Park Dental will respond and help you right away.