Short-term orthodontics

A traditional orthodontic way of straightening your teeth is with braces. They can lead to life-changing transformations, however, it takes two to three years for this permanent fix. However, Invisalign is a short-term treatment for the perfect alignment of your teeth. 

Short-term orthodontics is an alternative. Invisalign refers to clear, almost-invisible braces, which you can easily take off whenever you want to. As a teenager or adult, you do not have to worry about long-term metal braces. Park Dental provides you with a comfortable option of precisely aligned teeth with Invisalign in Skegness.

A Revolution in Conventional Treatment | Short-term Ortho in Skegness

Braces can achieve a dramatic dental transformation, no doubt. They fall under the category of conventional orthodontic treatment. In this conventional treatment, dental alignment is achieved through the use of fixed braces. They are applied for a time duration between 12 to 18 months. It can take longer, depending upon the case the treatment straightens your front and back teeth, making sure they bite together perfectly. 

A revolutionary concept, however, has now been introduced. That is the concept of short-term orthodontics. With Invisalign in Skegness, you can get the best, modern treatment for the realignment of your teeth. These treatments include clear aligners, sectional lingual braces, and tooth-colored, fixed braces. The short-term treatment is fairly recent.

Fastest Orthodontic Treatment – Invisalign

At Park Dental, you will be visiting a trained orthodontist who will guide you firstly about teeth straightening and then, about the available options for your treatment. Teeth straightening is done through two primary methods, traditional wire braces, and Invisalign. 

Invisalign is typically the fastest method of straightening your teeth. It is now being principally utilized on adult patients for the treatment of minor dental irregularities here at Park Dental. Bing increasingly popular, Invisalign has become the perfect alternate for conventional orthodontic treatment. 

Invisalign works by fixing a specific mold over your teeth. The mold is basically to make a clear, plastic mouthpiece. These are also referred to as aligners or trays. Aligners are developed with the help of computer-generated images and impressions taken by your dentist. The aligners will be placed over your teeth. You can remove them during brushing, eating, and drinking. It is more useful for teenagers. Mostly in teenage, our teeth grow incorrectly. 

Within months, you will find your dental gaps closing, bringing teeth to perfect alignment. With Invisalign braces, you get the ideal corrective treatment. 

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How Invisalign functions | Teeth Movement and Alignment

The demand for short-term orthodontics is growing speedily. However, the movement of teeth matters a lot. There is more to this aspect than putting brackets on your teeth. There is a real and scientific process involved in it. 

The first step involves a thorough examination. With the help of x-rays and molds, we establish a 3-D model of your teeth. This helps in devising a personalized, treatment plan for you. The plan determines how your teeth will shift place and how long will it take for them to align correctly. With the plan finalized, your aligners are crafted. The model is also for you to picture how it will happen. Ortho in Skegness will help your teeth align progressively and correct any of your orthodontic issues. 

Necessary adjustments will be made after the first try. You can wear these aligners 24/7 except for the times of eating or brushing. They are easily removable so you can wear and remove them to your convenience. Each set is designed for two weeks until you switch to the new ones. This is because your teeth and gums need some time to adjust to this new position. 

A Convenient Treatment with Clear and Invisible Braces

One of the issues people with braces claim is maintaining oral hygiene and oral outlook with conventional metal braces. It usually drops their confidence and also causes great discomfort and anxiety for the patients. Hence, this journey with braces isn’t appealing. 

Braces evolved into Invisaligns to close this barrier of treatment. They are invisible as they fit perfectly. The tray is made from see-through BPA-free plastic which makes them almost invisible to other people. It is the most convenient way of teeth alignment, all you got to do is follow one guideline: wear the tray for almost 20 to 22 hours per day. In comparison to them, traditional braces can never be removed at your convenience.

Treatment Length

The length of your orthodontic treatment depends upon the complexity of your case. Short-term orthodontics substantially takes a shorter period in most cases. Our dentists at Park Dental will provide complete information about the timeline and where it falls between 6 to 8 months’ time period. 

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