Dental implant in skegness

Dental Implants in Skegness | An Important Dental Procedure

When it comes to dental care, numerous procedures are either carried out for aesthetic purposes, or for dental care/hygiene. At Park Dental, we offer various dental procedures, Dental Implants in Skegness being one of them.

Dental Implants are artificial fixtures that are surgically inserted in the jaw that may act as a support to a bridge, a crown, or a denture. The fixture is typically made from either titanium or zirconia – two of the best materials that guarantee smooth healing and no infections. A dentist can insert dental implants permanently or temporarily, depending on the patient’s dental state. 

We at Park Dental uphold our mandate of providing the best services to our patients. Our dentists are meticulous medical practitioners with the best skills to provide you with quality dental care. 

Basic Run-Down of the Procedure  

The basic purpose of getting dental implants is to act as a supporting body for dental prosthetics. For this procedure, dentists go through the detailed process of sizing the implants correctly, according to a patient’s teeth and jaw dimensions by the CAD/CAM (Computer-aided design/Computer-aided manufacturing) software. There are other techniques as well, but the aforementioned technique is considered to be comparatively more advanced and accurate. 

The next step would be for the dentist to call in the patient again for placing the dental implant. When this process is complete, the patient is given time to properly heal before moving to the next step. Our dentists at Park Dental performing this procedure, Dental Implants in Skegness, are extremely cooperative, cordial, and patient with the patients and encourage them to keep visiting the clinic for any reason of discomfort or even general inquiry. 

When the implant completely heals, the dentist then proceeds to place the abutment above the implant, and the bridge, crown or denture is attached with either dental cement or lag screws (metal fastener which keeps the prosthetics in place). 

Typically, the entire procedure can take up to 5 to 8 months. However, the time duration is not fixed due to possible unforeseen infections, healing time and the patient’s consistency with in-clinic visits.

Killing Two Birds with One Stone 

Getting Dental Implants in Skegness through Park Dental has a great many advantages. The first and foremost benefit our clinic has to offer is that we provide the best of the best, whether they be the materials being used for the procedure or our professional dental staff. The second benefit is our procedural methods. We strive to take things slowly and steadily, keeping in mind unprecedented infections or dental issues to maximise the lifeline of the dental implants and prevent further dental problems. 

Dental implants can be imperative for a patient to prevent bone loss or other dental complications.

Hence, it is encouraged that, when you do decide to get this procedure done, you head straight to Dental Implant in Skegness and to our Park Dental Studio for a truly beneficial dental experience.  DE

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