DenPlan now available at Park Dental Studio

Our ethos is Prevention before Cure. Our Care Plans ensure regular visits and close monitoring of your oral health.

Our Care Plans help you budget for your personal dental care.

With over 2 million registered patients in the UK, discover the benefits that make Denplan so popular.

Focuses on Preventive Dentistry

Regular visits ensure that your dental health continues to be monitored and maintained. This can reduce the need for treatment in the future and reinforces healthy oral habits.

Plans Tailored For You

Different Care Plans are available to suit your dental needs and budget. 

Spread Cost & Save Money

Regular check-ups will not only highlight issues before they turn into bigger issues but will also keep you out of pain and avoid potentially expensive and uncomfortable procedures.

Park Dental Studio is Now Registering Patients on our Care Plans

Care Plans that Focus on Prevention

Spread the cost, save money and have your teeth checked and cleaned regularly and avoid expensive treatment plans.

Whatever your dental care needs are, our plans are flexible to suit each individual patient needs.

As gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss, we have created cost effective and money saving 'Hygiene Only' care plans to suit those with greater risk of gum disease.

If unsure of which plan to choose, ask one of our friendly clinical team who will help guide you to what is right for you.

DenPlan Essentials A - £16.67/month

2x Check-ups
2x Hygiene treatment
10% off all private treatment

DenPlan Essentials B - £25.00/month

2x Check-ups
4x Hygiene treatments
10% off all private treatment

DenPlan Essentials C - £10.33/month

2x Hygiene treatment
10% off all private treatment

DenPlan Essentials D - £18.67/month

4x Hygiene treatment
10% off all private treatment

Having a Care Plan ensures regular dental visits which are crucial for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Many potential dental problems are easily preventable by seeing your dentist and hygienist regularly.