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The medical field is very vast in this day and time. But when we observe each field microscopically, we find that within it, there are even more specialised branches. In the same way, dentistry has different areas of specialty, such as Orthodontics which is a specialised dental field that focuses on the correction/alignment of your teeth. 

At our clinic, Park Dental, we have the best orthodontists in Skegness who are professionally trained to cater to your dental needs and also provide the best dental advice for your dental problems.

Orthodontists at Work

Orthodontists are usually employed in the private sector, meaning that they usually work at private clinics or hospitals. In the United Kingdom, to get a degree, one has to undergo a three-year program at any Orthodontic Specialty Training Registrar. After completing that program, only then a person is awarded a degree at either a Masters’s level or a Doctorate level. 

In addition, an orthodontist needs to get a CCST (Certificate of Completion of Specialty Training) to be registered with the GDC (General Dental Council). 

Our orthodontists at Park Dental have fulfilled all the medical requirements to practice orthodontic procedures with a legal dental license, which is why you have nothing to fear when you visit our orthodontists in Skegness.

Orthodontic Goals

The main goal of an orthodontist is to help patients chew properly. Orthodontists typically deal with dental irregularities such as overbites or under-bites of your teeth, and misaligned teeth (too far apart or too close together). By consenting to re-alignment or correction of these dental irregularities, you not only can chew easily but it can also help you to speak properly. 

A misconception regarding orthodontics is that they insist on all children getting braces without even considering other options that are less painful or take less time to fix. This is not the case. Orthodontists are under oath to provide the best, the most efficient, and the most suitable dental care to you. In this field, multiple other procedures can fix your dental misalignments in less time and with considerably less pain, but if your orthodontist recommends your child to get braces, the reasons for suggesting it should be genuine. 

Orthodontics might seem like an alien field to you but it should not be feared as such. It is a specialised area in dentistry that specifically corrects your dental abnormalities and makes you smile with your teeth confidently on display.

The orthodontists at our clinic, Park Dental, understand the misconceptions and the fears attached to their field. However, they are the best orthodontists in and know exactly how to make you comfortable at the clinic. They are not only medically trained, but also know compassion, which they are not afraid to display to their patients. We are proud to be a community that puts your needs first and helps you every time you come through our doors. 

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