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Tooth Removal in Skegness | A Guaranteed Painless Procedure

There can be multiple reasons why you would need to get your tooth extracted. The most common reason is when your teeth are infected to such an extent that the only way to preserve the other teeth and stop the infection from spreading is to remove the tooth altogether. In dentistry, it is mostly preferred to save a tooth than to remove it, as the extraction of a tooth will lead to another procedure which is inserting dental implants to fill in the gap. However, there are instances where the need for tooth removal arises. So, if you are in the area and require the treatment, do visit us at Park Dental for a tooth removal procedure from Skegness.

Preconceived Fears

People tend to fear going to a dental physician and it’s primarily because of other people’s unfortunate experiences. However, what they fail to mention is the extent of their dental hygiene issues and the conditions of their dental health when they went to the dental physician. 

The first and foremost point to be noted is that tooth extractions are painless, as local anesthesia is administered before the tooth is extracted. Through this, the extraction point is numbed.

Another fear most people have is that, after a tooth extraction, they believe the hollowed area is going to be left vacant instead of being filled. Their apprehensions lead them to think that they won’t be able to smile like they usually do, so they inherently choose to not move forward with the procedure altogether. But what they are not informed of is that, after a tooth extraction, dental physicians surgically insert dental implants to fill in the space to prevent bone loss and to give people the chance to smile the same way they used to. 

Typically, a tooth extraction takes around half an hour; but if you have more than a single extraction, then it can take more time. The healing period lasts anywhere between 3 to 4 and a half weeks. It must be noted, though, that you must follow the guidelines given by the dental physician and take the necessary antibiotics post-op. 

All of this information and more is provided by our clinic staff at Park Dental who not only offer a tooth removal procedure in Skegness but also offer dental implant insertion. 

Our staff is highly skilled and professional in their dealings with the patients. Their persistent efforts to make each patient feel comfortable before, during and after the procedure are well-reputed. Their training in medical school pays off here in their practical lives when every single patient of theirs leaves the clinic with a smile and an eased mind. This is why our clinic, Park Dental, can be your go-to place for any dental consultation or tooth removal in Skegness.


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